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Resource Finalizers


Finalizers are namespaced keys that tell Kubernetes to wait until specific conditions are met before it fully deletes resources marked for deletion. When you tell Kubernetes to delete an object that has finalizers specified for it, the Kubernetes API will mark the object for deletion. The object will only be deleted once the finalizers have run successfully.

Finalizers can be used for garbage collection of resources. For example, you can define a finalizer to clean up any related resources before deleting the target resource.

Finalizers can also be used to prevent accidental deletion of resources.


using Neon.Operator.Finalizers;

public class ExampleFinalizer : ResourceFinalizerBase<V1ExampleEntity>
public override async Task FinalizeAsync(V1ExampleEntity resource, CancellationToken cancellationToken = default)
// Run finalizer for given entity.